The Microsoft Excel Professionals

We are a team of passionate and dedicated Microsoft Excel® Professionals headquartered in County Cork, Ireland. We have over 20 years experience in analysing, designing and implementing custom Excel solutions for companies large and small globally. Our focus is to provide bespoke solutions to meet our clients requirements, partnering with our clients to not only understand their specific requirements for a given project, but to also understand their business holistically to ensure all solutions are future-proof and scalable.

Garner the full potential of Excel

Working for multinational companies, we continually noticed that company’s rarely utilised the true power and versatility of Excel. Often business’s would look for, and spend huge sums of money on, alternate solutions when they already had a solution at their fingertips in Excel. This is why PXL was born.

This is us

Our mission

Design groundbreaking innovations in Excel, make our services affordable and available to as many businesses as possible globally, whilst maintaining diversity and inclusion in our workforce.

Our vision

Simply to help companies excel in Excel.

Our motto

For any process that is repetitive, frequent, and completed in Excel, automate.

Why use PXL

When businesses are looking to solve problems or implement new solutions, Microsoft Excel® is often overlooked, even though eight times out of ten it is installed on each of their employee’s computers, making it a more affordable and available solution. We want to spread this message far and wide, saving businesses money, solving their problems, improving their productivity and helping them to achieve business growth.

We care about your business, your employees, your requirements, and the results that you aim to achieve. Our clients entrust us to solve difficult problems in a way that is secure and confidential, which is maintained throughout our partnership. Our sole purpose is to listen to your problems and provide the solutions.


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