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Excel Dashboards

Dashboards provide the visual element to data analysis. These are what make your numbers stand out and at-a-glance, allow decision makers to focus on key metrics rather than being bogged down in lists of data. Creating dashboards through Excel provides versatility on how that data is displayed, using charts, graphs, pictures, animations, text, numbers and so on. By adding interactivity, users feel more engaged with the dashboard and the data behind them.


What are Excel Dashboards?

Dashboards are often associated with Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). A Key Performance Indicator is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively a company is achieving key business objectives, and the dashboard provides a central, visually appealing space to present KPI’s to management which is then used for decision-making purposes.

The benefits of Excel Dashboards

Excel is the perfect tool for creating dashboards. With Excels array of charts and graphs, metrics can be brought to life and provide at-a-glance information to stakeholders. Being able to change the appearance of Excel, include text, numbers and many other formats means that the visualisations created are only limited by imagination. Adding interactivity means that the users of the dashboard will feel more engaged, facilitating their “buy-in” of the information being presented to them.

Make a dash for it

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